cherry blossoms in DC

Most as taken but a few at end I played with in Photoshop Elements (I have a 30 day free trial).

And edited:

Good times. Great weekend. Waiting for some more pictures from my uncles camera.

My days since have been quite busy. I've spent more time on the phone this week then I swear I ever have at work before. Plus Alan & Jan were/are out Tuesday, today and for Alan some of tomorrow. Jan won't be back until next week.

Still no baby in the Brian/Stacey household.

In vajayjay news (I warned you, I did):
Got my IUD today... my poor uterus hurts. It feels bruised, but already a ton better then it did earlier. Gosh that was a uncomfortable/painful experience though.

Okay, back to work.


  1. I didn't know you were getting an IUD! Did your doctor have you cough as she clamped your cervix? That is supposed to help with the pain! I hope that you feel better and that it stays in a long time (because I've heard that it hurts to take it out, too, cough then also!).
    I went to the Gyn today and I have to say that for me, my pap smears have been a lot better after having Brenna (the speculum and stuff used to kill me every year).

  2. Owww Owww Owww!!! Why an IUD instead of pill or shot - it seems so invasive! Has the technology gotten a lot better with them? Eek!!


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