out of the darkness... light

So many things to say today.

It's been a few busy days, but I still feel very behind at work because I keep getting projects that need to be done now... and not getting to work on the things I already have to do. Oh well, c'est la vie. There is so much good right now though!

First off, Brian & Stacey are now the proud parents of a bouncing (red-headed!) baby boy! Kieran Michael (I'll have to check on the spelling) was born yesterday afternoon at a very healthy 9 lbs!! I'm so excited for them and hope to have pictures for you soon.

In other news... Happy Earth Day!! It's actually not until Sunday, but I'm sure I won't stop by then, so I'll say it now. Check out yahoo's earth day page for simple changes you can make in your home and your life to help protect the earth.

Also today is a day of mourning for the VT victims/families/friends. Take a moment to reflect on life... your life... think of all the people and things that you love or appreciate, because it takes an event like this to make you realize just how uncertain life is. No one knows when their time to go will be, so live everyday to the fullest. And today take a moment to reflect on that, and on those who's lives were too short.

In less heavy news, today is also friday and going to get into the 70s! Hallelujah. I'm sick of spring showers combined with temps in the 40s. Blah. I also have a nice relaxing weekend ahead of me. Can't wait to sleep in.

Well, back to work for me. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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