I might just go out today and take pictures... because its supposed to be nice, and it's beginning to look like spring, and because seeing things like this and this and this just make me want to be out there. Plus work email is down for now, so why not.

The weekend was great. With Spamalot (farkin hilarious) and hanging out with my fam... plus Sunday my brother tested for and was awarded his black belt in Tai Kwon Do. I'm so proud of him!

I was also reading some blogs and wanted to point out one... Halcyon's grandfather recently passed away and he has been handling it with so much strength and grace. His grandfather truly seemed like an amazing man, who lived an incredible life. It makes me want to strive for more in my own life. It makes me want to leave something wonderful behind.
Leave some thoughts for him if you would like.

So, can you believe it's April already too?! Lots of good stuff this month... Stacey is due this coming week, this weekend we are going to be in DC, our 6-month mark for being married, and Trav's mom's birthday.

Anyway, I guess that is all the randomness I have for now. I'm going to get some work done, and hopefully run out for some pictures.

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