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Another nice long walk last night... 3 miles, which felt great and was very relaxing. Plus I love that butt/thigh muscle twitch thing that happens afterwards. Left me no time to upload pictures, but oh well. Hopefully tonight since it is damn crappy out... pouring rain and pretty chilly. Not even sure if I'll do my mile walk to the train station tonight. Ugh. We'll see.

So Stacey is due in just over a week. Very exciting and I can't wait to meet the new baby! I know Brian is jumping out of his skin over the wait too. I just bought two adorable items for the babe, which hopefully will arrive in time. But I'm not going to say what because I know Stacey stops by here once in a while... Hi Stacey!

I've been thinking lots lately about the world we live in and the human race in general (maybe because of impending babies and what life will be like for them). It always makes me a little sad when I think about how much less innocent it seems their childhoods will be then ours were. Now drugs are in elementary schools, 15 yr olds are getting pregnant, and people are getting shot just standing on their corner. It just makes me a little sad that while in some ways humans are making amazing leaps and bounds (treating untreatable diseases, technology that makes life easier and more comfortable), it seems like in some ways we are regressing in our evolution. We fight just as much, if not more... murder/rape/assult in the news daily... well its more then just a little sad to me. How far have we really come from the animals we supposedly evolved from (and lets not turn this into an evolution vs. creation thing)?

Anyway, not to be depressing, but it was just on my mind.

Almost time for lunch, so I should get back to it.

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