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Busy week, but very productive. I finally have pictures of Chicago for you... would have had them yesterday, but while I remembered to upload them the night before, i didn't remember to put them online... opps. Did that last night though, so here you go!

My adorable coworker, Miyano... the trains there are double-decker, very fun.

Chicago skyline, birds eye view.
Looking down, from 103 stories.
A different view... with the very fun Jay Pritzker Pavilion in the bottom middle/left area.
From the amazing Cantigny First Division Museum:
A solider climbing down into a launch.
Omaha Beach
A piece of the Berlin Wall.
In the Vietnam War room... do you see the solider?
See him now? :-)
Motto of a first division solider.
The whole thing was pretty amazing. I don't know if I mentioned the museum tour before... but after we were done for the day on Saturday we got to take a tour of their exibits. So realistic! It was a little freaky, and definitely amazing to be walking on these battle site recreations.

Anyway. Last night was nice... Trav and I played some tennis. I didn't do too badly for the first try of the new year, but I definitely need some practice before we start keeping score! :-) At least it was great exercise, and it was very nice to get outside.

As for this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing my family, who are coming down to join Trav and I for Spamalot. Should be a LOT of fun! Otherwise, some cleaning, some relaxing, and hopefully some outdoor time.

Have a good one!!

Ps. A video to share that my uncle sent me. Interesting, a little scary, a little provocative... I enjoyed it.

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