so relaxed

I'm so relaxed today. Being all caught up and back on track feels really good. Plus the weather is warmer then I thought it was supposed to be today, and it is supposed to thunder this afternoon. I LOVE thunderstorms! :-)

Not to mention the hockey game, which should be fun, and the fact that it is almost the weekend! And what a weekend too... St. Patrick's day!

I was just listening to some music on Rhapsody... for some reason I was in a *ashamed to admit it* Rod Stewart kind of mood today. Very weird, very random, that doesn't normally happen to me. But apparently only Maggie Mae and Forever Young would do it for me today. Listening to Forever Young makes me feel young... I can always picture the video, and remember how it felt to watch it when I was a kid. Anyway, glad that's out of my system now! ;-)

Not too much else to report. Trav and I BBQed some burgers and dogs last night. Very tasty. We also had some punk kids throw a sand bag (the kind used to hold down temporary road work signs) at Travis' car. Luckily no damage. I'm thinking about talking to the local cops though, just alerting them to the various kid & car troubles we've been having lately, so if something more serious would happen, it's documented. Dumb kids.

Well, I'm off to eat some chow...

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