These days are crazy... if I can really work my ass off for the rest of the week, then I should be caught up by the weekend. Caught up isn't even the word because it's not like I fell behind, everything just came to me at the same time. Not too overwhelmed yet, because at least the feelings are tempered by some accomplishment I feel at the end of the day because of how much I am getting done. But still not fun!

The weekend was great though. Like I said before, friday our shower was done! Yay! We're really happy with it. The bathroom still isn't "done", but it's definitely getting there and at a point that we can live with. Here and here are the before pictures. And here are some after:

Showing all three parts to the bathroom:
shower, tile and paint.

New fixtures.

New shower caddy... exciting right. ;-)

Awesome clock we have on the wall opposite shower.

So that is the bathroom for now. I'll keep you updated if we do anything else!

Saturday we headed out in the morning for some ice cream because it was so sunny and warm and gorgeous! What the hell happened to that? It's snowing like the bejezuz out there. Ugh. Anyway, ice cream! Then that afternoon Ro & Pat came over and we all headed to Dave & Buster's for some dinner, drinks, pool, and games. And of course talking and catching up, which was great. Except for poor Ro who ended up not feeling so hot.

Sunday we slept in a bit, then headed to our photog's in the late afternoon. We picked all the details for our album, and hopefully in a few weeks we'll have it!

Now it's another week, and I can't believe how busy it is. We have a conference on Monday that I will spend Sunday night in the city for... and in two weeks (plus one day) I'll be heading to Chicago. Two weeks is also the official beginning of spring... please let that bring some warmer weather and no more snow! Lol, the winter wasn't even that bad, but the end of it has been brutal.

Okay, back to work for me.

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