sometimes i wonder

Sometimes I wonder if anyone even stops by anymore. Not that it matters, because I would definitely keep writing for me... but I do wonder if my words, my thoughts, get out there to be heard. There are some people (dooce... friday playdate... poop and boogies) that just seem to have a way with words so that you are drawn to their blogs everyday. You want to read them, you wonder what will come next. I know A New Day isn't like that, but I wish I had that gift.

Today Friday Playdate sucked me up with this post. Especially the paragraph about feeling like she is not a kid, but not quite an adult... which was good to read because I feel that way a lot. It's funny to be working your buns off, paying a mortgage, thinking about kids in a few years, planning an international vacation... but to have this feeling that my parents are still my protectors, are still my guardians.

Of course Travis is the one I run to now if I need comfort or assistance. But I know my parents are always there for me, and sometimes it's nice to feel like their child. Hopefully it will be a number of years until the tables are turned and I end up feeling like I have to take care of them!


  1. Meegs, your parents are adorable.

    I hope we both have many many more years until we have to be the grown ups all the time.

  2. I feel ya hun...its a sad revealing world :-/


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