monday i've got friday on my mind

Before anything else, I have to wish you a belated
Happy St. Patty's Day!
I hope everyone had a great one!

Now, first my weekend, then some pictures from last weeks activities:

It was a crazy weekend, relaxing and odd all at the same time. Friday night we went to bed a little before 12... Trav was asleep immediately, I was laying there for a bit when I heard someone turning on our street. Well, then I heard tires spinning. I listened for about 10-15 minutes, and it as clear that they were going no where! So I got up, threw on some clothes & boots, and headed out to see if he needed help (grabbing the shovel on the way). We tried digging out his wheels some, and took turns pushing and driving (he just didn't seem to get that you don't floor it to get out of the snow), but after 20 minutes had only made it another 15ft down the road. So I went to wake Trav*. He came down and we spent another 15 or so minutes doing the same shovel, push, shovel, push thing... and made it another 10 or so feet. We knew there was no way that this guy was going to make it all the way to the end of our block, so we decided to get him about 1/2 way to a point where he could park. Luckily, at that point some of our other neighbors heard the noise and decided to help. Between the four guys, then were able to provide the force to get him moving. He was a very grateful guy. It was a lot of work for a friday night, Trav and I are still sore!! But I couldn't just leave the poor guy (although I had to laugh at his sports car in the snow!).

Saturday was relaxing after that. Well, Trav did do some shovelling... but we spent some time relaxing on the couch watching movies, and headed to Ro & Pat's for some St. Patty's day fun. We had a great time playing with Ro's new Wii... and I got a 243 in bowling. I'm sure I would never get that in real life!!

Sunday Ro left for a volleyball tournament before the rest of us had even woken up... but Pat, Trav, Kerry and I headed out to brunch at Nifty Fifty's. After that it was home again for some more laying around and watching movies (not to mention a majorly overloaded sink full of dishes!).

Today has been flying. Luckily it seems pretty mild out. Not super warm or anything, but not frigid like before and no percipitation! Plus, the boss just left so the rest of the day should be relaxing.

Now to share some pictures...

First, Stacey at her baby shower. Love that belly.
Next some pictures from the hockey game...
This first one is from our seats, they were GREAT!

Then here is one from the warm up... I got to walk right up to the glass to take these...
And, having never had the opportunity to see this in person before... I had to take a picture of the "Flyers Win!" on the scoreboard.

Well, back to work for me. A few things left to do, then I can do my walk, and when I get home... Trav is bringing a sushi platter! Nice!

* I didn't want to wake Trav initially because I was hoping it was something that could be managed with a bit of shoveling and some shoulderwork... plus the guy was a bit off last week, and I wanted him to get his rest. Oh well, I tried.

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