more craziness

Yesterday was overwhelming. A nice break in the middle when I met Apoc for lunch at Tir Na Nog... which was great! I had soup and their Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese Salad (Baby Arugula, Spinach, Red Beets, Sundried Blueberries,Roasted Pear-Cider Vinaigrette) plus a appletini (shh, it was needed). To die for.

The rest of the day was insane though and today, while better and very productive... still crazy.

Oh and did I mention that Travis forgot to lock his card doors on Wednesday night? No? Well don't worry, he still has a car (luckily). And the only thing taken (his cell, go figure) was found by a neighbor a few houses down, and is now back in our posession. He is a lucky man.

Now I have to run some packets to a place a few blocks away for the conference we have all day monday. And I'm trying to prepare for the conference we have in two weeks... while also writing letters and bios, and cleaning out my emailbox. Grr.

Is it September yet?!

Okay, I have to go back to work. Have a nice weekend!

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