showin those claws!

So apparently I offended someone by not falling head over heals for Chicago! Anonymous, I would love your suggests on what I could do or see, if I do get back to Chi-town, so as to give it the best shot. Personally I thought the 30minutes or so I spent in the tower was fun, just to get an idea of where I was in the city and see some of the neat buildings (especially the Jay Pritzker Pavilion) that surround it. As for Body Worlds... that was something I had wanted to attend in Philly, but missed my chance. I wouldn't have missed that no matter what you said. :-) I really was serious about taking your suggestions however! As I said before... Chicago wasn't my favorite, but i never said I didn't like it!

Anyway, yesterday was great! The weather was beautiful, I was damn productive at work, Trav and I took a long relaxing walk in the evening (about 3 miles), and a new House was on when we got home! That right there is enough to make me a happy girl. Unfortunately our internet wasn't working and I didn't get the chance to upload pictures, but I'm not too concerned about either of those.

Today wasn't so bad either, but nothing to brag about. However, it does look very nice out and I'm looking forward to the walk to the train. And on that note, I realized it's time to wrap things up!


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