five months

(Today Trav & I have been married for five months. :-) Just thought I would mention.)

So yesterday turned out fine, it took two coworkers about 10 minutes... but they got my zipper unstuck. Still, not the best way to start your day or your week. And it was a long day too.

At least the weather is gorgeous now! I didn't even bother with a coat this weekend or on my way home last night. And tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer. Woot!

So, the weekend! Saturday Ro & Pat came over... and Ro & I headed to Stacey's babyshower. It was fun. I'm friends with a bunch of her husband's family, so it was great to see them. She got a lot of nice stuff, and her belly was adorable. Not too much longer for her now.
After that Ro & I headed back to my place, where the boys were hanging out. We watched some movies, ate beef stew, played some games, and just had a really fun time hanging out. The boys got drunk on beer and Ro got CRUNKED on appletinis!! It was quite amusing.
Sunday we all got up and headed out to breakfast together before Ro & Pat headed home. After that Trav and I were lazy and watched TV/played online until all of a sudden, no power! Still don't know what happened there (annoying though since we had just finished resetting all the clocks!), but we headed to Home Depot and walked around for a while checking out different things we would like to get for the house eventually. After that it was basically time for me to get ready to head into the city... which I did at 5:30. I had a great dinner (payed for by work, woo-hoo!) at Genji, then just relaxed in my room for the rest of the evening.

Yesterday, well I already told you enough about yesterday. It was fine, but long, and in the end... boring!

Today, well gorgeous weather as I said (spring officially in a week and a day!)... beef stew for lunch... work as normal. I'm feel a lot less stressed now that yesterday is over, even though there is still tons to do. I guess the relief of yesterday being done, plus the great weekend really did the trick. Plus I got my new ergonomic bag today, so I am looking forward to my walk to the train this evening, and hopefully no back pain!

That's really about all I've got for you today. I do have to get to work.


ps. This website is the chicky who painted the valentine's painting.

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