catching up: cape cod ... and arizona bound!

Finally got to download my picture from the camera this week, and uploaded some online. Here's the ones I've been wanting to share from Cape Cod (figured I should do that before we run away to Arizona tomorrow!):

Such a water baby.

When to visit the family I used to be a mother's helper for in college. The adorable babies I used to chase around are now pre-teens! And one is even taller then me!

(Makes me feel a little old!)

So relaxing.

Ducks - "quack quacks" are our favorite right now.

They plan to take this picture every year.  :-)  Love it!

One house in the neighborhood has the most gorgeous hydrangeas! I admire them every year, so I had to take a picture.
Now here's one I took last year...

Then this year...

Same spot. What a difference a year makes!

I thought she might be scared of the lobsters...

Definitely not!! Lol. She tried to grab it from me a few times!

Such a great trip. I'm already looking forward to next year.

As for now, we're on our way to Arizona tomorrow... plane leaving at 7:45am... oh boy.  I'm excited for vacation, but nervous for Gwen's first flight. Especially since she's getting a cold and I managed to knock her Inspired By Finn amber necklace down the sink drain.  :-(  No bueno. Lots of toys and snacks in the carry-on, and hopefully she'll nurse down for a nap at least once. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

Fingers also crossed that we don't get any house damage during Irene! I'm a little nervous about coming home post hurricane, considering our recent luck. Crazy week here in PA, started with an earthquake, ending with a hurricane!

Anyway, so much to do before I leave... so off I go.

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