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So, I need your help. The problem? The 5 lbs that I tacked on in the month we were out of our house. Seriously. The scale says it, and the fit of my pants says it! My body post-Gwen is definitely a bit softer and rounder then it used to be... but my tummy right now... and the sluggishness I'm feeling right now, no good. Running around like crazy, eating whatever is easiest and available, not having access to your own pantry full of your own food, and rarely having time to pack your own lunches... yeah, it takes its toll.

We're back home now, and the excuses won't cut it anymore. Its time to get serious about what I'm putting in my mouth... something I was looking to do anyway, before all of this brouhaha. I was looking at the Paleo diet, but that's way too intense for me. Besides I LOVE cheese and pasta, and cannot live without milk. So I thought I would just do my best to eat healthier in general, everything in moderation, and up my fruits/veggies; and I thought I would start with breakfast.

Breakfast is so damn important. I know that, but I keep letting it get away from me until I get a reminder. My most recent reminder? Eating that delicious omelet the other week, being contently full but not stuffed, and still not being hungry again until lunch!

So, I need your help. I'm definitely going to try to eat more eggs (with goat cheese, and onions, and pesto...mmmm), because they are easy and easily customizable, and a great source of protein. But there is no way I can eat eggs everyday, and there are definitely days when I won't have time to both cook and eat an egg. So what are your favorite, healthy, easy to whip up breakfasts that keep you satiated??


  1. Well, I'm terrible at breakfast. I love breakfast food, but since I'm not pumping at work anymore (!!) I have given it up. On weekends, I usually do cheesy eggs (just scrambled and cooked up with shredded cheese) to share with Aurelia or fried over easy on toast. Which is my idea of heaven. It's funny that I eat so much more animal foods now and am much healthier than when I was vegan and obsessive about everything. As for meal ideas, I use allrecipes, epicurious, smittenkitchen, thewednesdaychef, and dear google almost everyday. I love my cookbooks for inspiration, but usually I'm looking for recipes to use with specific ingredients. Having the CSA this year has really forced me to use the food that is delivered and be practical and inventive. Try grilling too! I'm all about steaks and burgers and grilled veg (try cabbage cut in wedges, brushed with olive oil, and wrapped in foil!) during the summer. And anything I can put in the crockpot. Good luck love! Don't you worry about your figure. I know you look amazing and whatever you worry about will go away with a bit of home cooking and running after that ever faster beauty. xoxo

  2. Breakfast is my most favorite and I find it to be the easiest meal for me! Here's some of my favorites that don't include eggs (since you said you have that covered): Kashi GoLean with soy milk and blueberries or bananas on top (this is pretty much my staple breakfast), whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter, oats or other multi-grain hot cereal with raisins and maple syrup, and if you have Trader Joes nearby I love their frozen low-fat french toast for a quick and easy meal. Kashi also makes pretty good frozen waffles for those mornings you are pressed for time. I hope this helps! :) Amie

  3. Lori read that if you eat a smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch, you're pretty golden. So, we've been doing that. Mix in chia seeds, greek yogurt, or even protein powder. Add spinach or kale. I, too, need protein in the am. I have a mini-quiche recipe if you're interested--make 'em in muffin pans with lots of veggies, bake, and freeze. Micro in the a.m. Greek yog & granola & fruit is good. Oatmeal (make a big pot and reheat a small portion--can do it overnight in the slow-cooker to wake up to yummyness.) Add in chia seeds while it is cooking for protein. And ezekiel bread, toasted with pb is my go-to in ahurry breakfast. Let me (Jean) know if you want any recipes!

  4. I've been on a fruit and yogurt kick lately with all the summer fruit. My usual mix is strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, vanilla yogurt, and low-fat vanilla almond granola on top. Mmmmm.... I'm gonna be bummed when summer is over and it's back to oatmeal!

  5. What about a smoothie with protein powder in it? That is what I do on some mornings.

  6. for breakfast i am super boring and have the same thing almost every morning... non fat plain greek yogurt with splenda and cinnamon and fiber one cereal. high in protein and fiber and its really fast. i add fruits sometimes too (like blueberries, and my favorite.. pomegranate seeds). i also love oatmeal with lots of cinnamon, really keeps me full! if i have time, i mix pumpkin (from the can) into the oatmeal. it's awesome. try to get some protein in with your breakfast. it really makes a difference and keeps you fuller longer.


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