Gwen and I are both dealing with summer colds right now, and she's cutting the last of the first set of molars... and maybe starting to get the top eye-teeth. So poor girl has been a bit cranky. But we had a nice weekend, and getting to see 1) familiar faces and 2) her pup, seemed to help a lot with getting her to feel more settled.

Friday: Trav brought home the pack'n'play that we're borrowing from a friend until we get back into our place. It was a godsend! Gwen went from waking or halfwaking 3-4 times a night, to waking once at 10-10:30ish and then sleeping until 5 am when she always comes to bed with us. Bliss!

Saturday: We headed to the house for a bit so Trav could mow the lawn. Didn't go in at all, but it was nice to be there. Afterwards we went back to Willy's so Trav could shower, which he did while I sat in the car and read magazines so Gwen slept in the back! She slept from the time we left our place until Trav got back into the car at Willy's, woke only briefly, then slept the rest of the way to Ro & Pat's place. We ate lunch there, hung out, then went swimming. Gwen had a great time in the pool (as did I, it felt like bathwater!), and was so relaxed that after a while we leaned against the wall (still in the pool) and snuggled, and she fell asleep! Then it was back home for dinner and an early bedtime for the babe.

Sunday: Willy left for the week to go camping with his boyscout troop, so we have the house to ourselves the rest of the time we're there! We went to a diner for breakfast, picked up a water table from Kmart, took a short nap, headed to the grocery store, then stopped to pick up Daisy. Willy loves Daisy, but we didn't want him to have to worry about her during the day while we were at work, so she was staying with a friend. But now that he's away, we grabbed her. I'm so excited to have her around again, I missed that crazy pup. After that is was back home to cook up some yummy, honey chicken tenders (breaded with fried onions... soooo yum) for dinner, and an early bedtime for all of us.

Now its Monday. And August! A busy week ahead... but hopefully by the end of it we'll be getting settled back into our own house!

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