more catch-up and a few things utterly unrelated

Something sweet:

Close to my heart from Jen Lula.
(This is why I babywear.)

Something sad:
My Gram... its not good. Can't really share right now, but send thoughts/prayers/good ju-ju to her please.

Something refreshing:
Our insurance (AAA) has been incredibly easy and great to work with! The cleaners got started on our house yesterday, and we're going to talk to the head guy tonight to discuss the progress. Our ancient wallpaper (in kitchen, dining room, living room, and hall), which won't stand up to intense scrubbing, will be taken down and insurance will pay for the painting. When we get back into our house, hopefully by early next week, but definitely by next Thursday, it will be a cleaner house then it has ever been!

Something exhausting:
The last of Gwen's first four molars is halfway in now. Its clearly paining her and its been disrupting her sleep. Frankly, I think bedsharing is disrupting her sleep too (we all love it in our small morning doses, but all night long is too much for all of us). Add that to a poor babe who's all thrown off by being away on vacation, then brought back here and going back to school, but not living at her house or with her dog, instead in a un-childproofed house where she can't play with 95% of the things in it, and you have a tired, cranky girl who is just not herself. Even her daycare teachers noted that she was "more emotional" then normal.  :-(   My poor girl. This is hard on all of us, but I feel horrible for her since she doesn't really understand what's going on.

Something put off:
The plan had been to nightwean about a week after we returned from CC (once she was back on schedule). Now, obviously that has been put off. Definitely until at least a week after we get back into the house, when she seems to really be back into her schedule and feeling more herself... but maybe even longer since we are heading to Arizona at the end of August! I don't know that I really want to do all the work to night wean, only to have her get all thrown off again by another trip. I'll play it by ear and see how she does when we're back home, but for now it looks like I might be waiting until early-September. Which is definitely longer then I wanted, but Gwen does not need her little world rocked anymore right now!

Something(s) little and happy:
My birthday in just over 2 weeks. Rebate from PECO for our new Energy Star fridge. Small credit on bill from RCN for the cable/internet we don't get to use for almost 2 weeks.

We're escaping to Ro & Pat's tomorrow to relax and eat and play and swim. Hopefully seeing some more familiar faces, and being allowed to just play, will help Gwen. I'm sure it will help us.

Have a great weekend.

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