Yesterday was exhausting... I was running to the house to meet the guys delivering the new fridge (which went perfectly, they were wonderful), running back to Willy's, grabbing lunch on the way, so I could throw my pump parts in the dishwasher on heavy wash (which ran while I ate lunch) then hand washed them again, so that I could feel safe using them to pump, which I did while driving back to the house to meet the insurance guy and the cleaning service guy.

We did the walk through, he took pictures, and I made arrangements to meet the cleaning crew Thursday at 8am, when they will start. A week (or hopefully less) and we should be back in. Not long in the grand scheme of things, but man am I ready to have Gwen back amongst her own things, and to not be living out of a suitcase.

After that it was back to Willy's, stopping to grab some dinner on the way; a quick shower before Trav and Gwen got home, dinner, a walk, then Gwen's bedtime.

Sleep has been hit or miss, but we're borrowing a pack'n'play from a friend, so I'm hoping that will help. We all need our own space now.

Not to say that its been all bad. We have a great place to stay, and Gwen is enjoying all the time with her Pappy. She loves "playing" his piano too!

We had a really lovely moment the other night. It started pouring out, and since Gwen loves all things water, i thought I would take her on the porch to watch it and stick her hands in the stuff pouring off the edge of the roof. As soon as she saw it though, she started pointing to go out in it. I started to say, lets just stay here, but then I figured, why not?! We had the best time running out into the rain, dancing around, and then darting back under the porch roof. We must have done that half a dozen times, and Gwen would have done it a dozen more, but there was some lightning, so the adult in me won out! We were soaked, but Gwen was beaming and I felt so relaxed. It makes me look forward (even more then normal!) to the next rainstorm.

I'm trying to play catch up at work too... which is made harder by a bunch of coworkers being out, an event today, not working yesterday, and having to arrive late tomorrow. Not to mention, just being distracted.

Now, since you made it through all that... a few more Cape Cod pictures (from my iPhone, still none off of the camera):

Driving up.. fighting sleep, patting the dog.

Swimming at a friend's place.

Are we home yet?

I feel like I had more to share, but have to wrap things up here, and my brain isn't throwing anything else out... so off I go for now.

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