summery weekend

Its hot today (90s). Hot and humid. Its supposed to even hotter tomorrow. (Makes me a bit happy that I'm working from home on Wednesday instead of Tuesday this week.)

This past weekend was nicer though. Still warm, but with lovely breezes that made the shade a comfortable place to be. I got my hair did. Then had a diner lunch and headed to meet Ro, Pat, and babes for ice cream. We all enjoyed the ice cream, and Gwen LOVED her first opportunity to help feed baby Casey.

She did a very good job holding the bottle.

After that we all stopped at 2 wineries on our way back home to grab some of our favorite Lehigh Valley wine. We took turns going into the wineries and hanging out with babes.

Sunday was more low-key, though with one fabulous fabulous bit. Trav helped with the last tennis camp of the season, we played out in the yard a little bit in the late afternoon, but otherwise we mostly just hung out and watched Harry Potter!

The best part though? Gwen slept in her crib for nap again... and she actually did it for the whole 2 hours!! Yay!! I think I need that nap as much as she does.  :-)

Now we just have to get through this week, and we can screw up all that great napping with a vacation... ;-)

4.5 days!

Ps. Prayers for my Gram please, they found cancer. Biopsy Wed to see if its primary site, or metastasized. She just can't catch a break.

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