is it friday yet?

Thing #1: We've known for a while that we were going to send our computer in this week to be fixed. They said it takes 8-10 days, so we figured we'd send it in this week, so that it would be gone while we were on vacation... minimizing the amount of time we were actively missing it. We still have our old laptop (which I'm blogging from, as I'm home from work today), so we figured it wouldn't be a big deal. A little slow and annoying, but not a huge deal.

Well, Trav called in Monday night to put in the order, so they would be awaiting our computer's arrival. "Lets try some things first..." says helpful guy on the computer. Fine with us! Except that nothing he suggested ended up working, including the last thing he had Trav try, which was basically completely restoring our computer to factor-new condition... aka. deleting all our stuff. Now, we were planning to back everything up again before sending the computer in, since it had been a few weeks; but we weren't planning on a frantic "hold on for 10 minutes while I do this" backup scenario.

Meegs: So, you got everything...

::computer works in background, deleting everything::

Trav: Yup, I got it!

Meegs: Music? [Trav nods]
Documents? [Nods]
Pictures? [Freezes... Errrr....]

Luckily its only a few weeks worth, but still... bummed.

Not to mention, I can't tell you how many times I've started typing away on the computer keyboard and wondered why the hell it wasn't working. Opps.

Thing #2:  The good news, I ordered a new fridge today! I think you can guess the bad news?
For now we have just a few things down in the mini-fridge in the basement, and a big container of stuff is being stored in the freezer at Trav's work. Most of our fridge's contents are a loss, though the freezer is holding out for now. Fridge should be here two days after we return from vacation.

Annoying for now, definitely... though I am getting a bit excited for our new black fridge!! Managed to find almost everything we wanted and stay about $300 under the top end of our budget.

Thing #3:  My Gram has cancer. She's going in today for a biopsy to find out whether is contained in her liver (where they found it), or if its spread there from somewhere else. We're obviously hoping for the former, which still means a grueling surgery, but a optimistic outlook. The latter, well... we're just really hoping for the former. We'll take any prayers you can spare.

I'm choosing to remain optimistic! She is a strong woman.

Thank goodness for vacation in just two days. I'm ready to get away for a little.

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