Where the hell do I even begin?
(Seriously, I've had this up since 10 this morning... its now 2. I don't know where to begin.)

First the good/happy stuff: 
Cape Cod was beautiful, like always! I didn't download our pictures yet, but for now will sprinkle in a few of my Brother-in-laws.

CC is certainly different with a baby in tow.... a lot less sleeping in, laying around, reading... but fun in a whole new way. Gwen LOVED the water. Every kind of water we could find.  

She went in a pool, the lake, the ocean, and a bay while we were there. We were in the water for at least a little almost every day we were there. She had a great time playing with her cousin, and we loved visit with him, Andy and Megan; plus my in-laws. 

It ended up being a great week for it too. The weather her in PA was horrid... 100s, hot, humid, gross. It was in the 70s/80s on the Cape, and we really only had two days that were either hot or very humid. 

Trav was really great about trying to take turns being "on duty." He got up with her most days to give me more sleep. I went kayaking one day will she napped, and he would entertain her so I could do some reading. 

My mother and father-in-law (MIL/FIL) also babysat her one afternoon while Trav and I went to see Harry Potter, then got some sushi for dinner. It was a great "date."

She loved it there. Loved seeing her Pop-Pop and Nana, loved spending all the time with us, loved "swimming" and chasing Daisy.

We also went out to eat at Baxter's (our favorite chowder place), took a walk through Hyannis, went to see the Quads at their place, visited with a college friend and his two girls who were also on the Cape for the week, got ice cream from Four Seas (our fav ice cream place!), had a lobster dinner, and went out to eat with his parents. It was a full, fun week.

The Annoying:
- Still don't know what time our fridge is getting delivered tomorrow.

- Our computer isn't back yet.

The Bad:
- My MIL tripped over a baby gate, fell, and got a hairline fracture in her elbow/arm on Tuesday.

- Got a call on Friday that our neighbor's house, which is attached to ours (we're in a twin), had caught on fire. The firemen contained the blaze to their kitchen, but the kitchen is charcoal, and the whole downstairs (at least! haven't seen the rest of the house) looks like someone painted it black because of smoke damage. Our neighbor had to escape through his bedroom window with his dog. His wife was at work. Thankfully, after a brief stay at the hospital for inhalation, he is physically fine. And our side of the house suffered no fire damage, though it was apparently full of smoke. The firemen pushed through our bedroom window air conditioner to get into our house. They determined there was no fire damage, and opened the place up to release the smoke. Now, in addition to getting our new fridge tomorrow, I'm also meeting two insurance guys to walk through our place. They will pay for the "cleaning" needed to get the smell, and the reside creating the smell, out of our house (and furniture and clothes, etc).

For now, we are staying with Willy, while Daisy has a sleepover at Trav's coworker's place (the one who watches her frequently). Obviously nothing about this situation is ideal (man was I ready to really get Gwen back on her schedule! and I miss my pup!), but I'm just so thankful that it wasn't worse for everyone. I'm so thankful our neighbor is okay! Everything else is cleanable, replaceable, fixable...

- Then my dad let me know that my Gram's cancer is malignant. I'm still doing my best to remain optimistic for her sake, but I'm sad/scared.

Obviously, things are a bit overwhelming right now, but we're doing our best to just keep on keeping on until things get back to "normal."  I'm so glad we had our vacation to recharge.

So that's where we stand now.

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  1. that's a lot of scary bad :( I hope this week looks up.


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