what i've been holding inside...

The final Harry Potter movie opened last night... I didn't see it then (baby and work made that not so feasible), and won't for a few days while we get settled into our vacation, but I am beyond excited for it. And beyond sad that it is the last one.  :-(  No more books to look forward to. No more movies. I'll definitely be checking out Pottermore and hopefully going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but I'm still sad.

In interest of the movie though, here's some HP stuff I've been enjoying lately:

(All 8 movies in just over 5 minutes.)

Amusing article about Why Harry Potter should be all about Hermione Granger.

(Click to embiggen.)

Any other big HP nerds out there?


  1. I went to see the new HP yesterday while brad watched Ella. Yes, I'm at the hormonal stage of my prgenancy but I cried, and I would have cried anyway. you're going to LOVE it! Amazing!


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