i am from...

i am from loving family
cat stevens songs at bedtime
reading books at the bus stop

i am from time with my grandparents
overnights and weeks in sweet valley
day trips to sunny rest

i am from summers with my best friend
poolside and video games,
hot dogs next to the (buttered) rolls, cheezballs

i am from grapefruit soda
macaroni and "yeasty cheese"
sneaking my brother all my beans and broccoli

i am from long drives through the country
getting "lost" on purpose
more trees and horses than people

i am from clarinet lessons
then, for longer, choir practices
always music around

i am from "freaky" friends
black eye makeup and clothes
fierce loyalty and affection

i am from celtic roots
irish, scottish, welsh
so damn proud in my kilt

i am from hippie parents
open hearts, open minds
i am so damn proud of where i am from...

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