fridge frustrations...

(Sorry I need to vent/complain.)

So, ordered my fridge from Lowe's on Wednesday. No problems there, ordering online was easy. I get my confirmation email in a timely manner:

Yesterday, I wait for my call "within 24 hours" to schedule my delivery. This is important since we will be gone all next week, and I can't stay home from work on Monday, but don't want to wait any longer then Tuesday to get it! So I really really needed to schedule that delivery for Tuesday the 26th.

I don't get a call. So at 4:00, I give the store a call. I'm told that the delivery scheduling people are gone for the day, but "don't worry, you'll get a call tomorrow." So, I wait. Today, no call. So 3:30 rolls around and I try calling the store again. The woman was very nice, but try as she might, should could not get one person from any of the 3 departments that might have been able to help me on the phone. Then I get disconnected.

So, I went up. I called the national Lowe's number instead of the specific store. I got a lovely, very helpful woman on the line who finally got me connected to someone from the store who could (through her sneering irritation) help me. And I find out that:

1) The 7/20 estimated arrival time in my email, is in their system as a 7/18 scheduled delivery date! (Um, how do you figure that one?!)

2) Apparently that date was in the computer as having been chosen by me, when I was never given the opportunity to chose a delivery date during check out. (Not a problem since I was going to be called in 24 hours to figure that out, right...)

3) That the "we'll call you within 24 hours of your order to schedule" was actually being treated as a "we'll call you 24-hours before we plan to show up to your house to let you know the time." (You know, because no one has to work.)

Thankful I got the delivery date changed to the 26th, but I cannot tell you how frustrated I was when I hung up. I'm not anti-Lowe's now, but I can tell you that I'm certainly not going to be using that particular Lowe's anymore. You know, the mistakes/miscommunications/break downs in Lowe's technology (whatever they are) above would have been annoying but not completely frustrating. However, being delivered by a woman (the one from the store, not the one from national who was lovely) who's voice clearly stated that I was being a pain in the ass since it was all clearly my fault, well that's a bit much to handle. Though thank goodness I did go through the hassle, because how much of a hoot would it have been if they had shown up to deliver our fridge on  Monday when we were 5 states away?!

(leaving for Cape Cod in about 2.5 hours, but who's counting?!)

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