Well, weekend of no plans was a success, I would say.

I did not manage to take pictures of the house, but we did manage to get a lot of other stuff done. Arrangement of pictures was decided on, two were ordered, about half were hung, dots were put on Gwen's walls, the kitchen floor was washed, laundry was done, and we finally got Gwen her new (cooler weather appropriate, aka. not open toed) shoes.

She loves them so much that the mere mention of possibly wearing her sandals this morning, on this 80* day, made her face crumble! Shoes it was.

We also took some walks, had breakfast at a diner, had some naps, played and read books, cooked some yummy food, and went to a park.

I also ordered a new food scraps container for our kitchen, since our old container for compost was tossed, and we have just been throwing it all away in the meantime.  ::sigh::

All-in-all, a great weekend.
Pictures soon because I'm suitably proud.

My Monday has been pretty nice too... this certainly makes me smile:

Happy Anniversary flowers from Trav... a few days early, so that I could "enjoy them all week." Aww, I have a good guy.

They'll help me put a smile on my face through what will certainly be a long and busy week. Much more to come... lots to post about. For now, back to work.

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