Get up, get out of bed, drag a comb across my head...

Day in the Life... the with a baby edition.
(Thought I would do one of these again, just for fun. Previously: Pre-wedding Travis working Day, Pre-Wedding Travis not working Day, First-Tri Day)

5am comes so quickly, and it takes me a minute to figure out what's going on when I hear the babe over the monitor. I hop out of bed, shut the monitor off, and head into the nursery to scoop up my Gwenie. She relaxes into my arms with a contented sigh, resting her head on my shoulder. Ahh, 5am isn't so bad I guess. Turn off her sound machine and air filter, head back to bed. We snuggle together and she nurses. I try to fall back asleep.

6am the alarm sounds and I shut it off quickly so it doesn't wake Gwen. She grunts in her sleep, but I pop a boob in her mouth, and she drifts back off. Trav gets up and I fall back asleep. He showers, gets dressed, lets the dog out and serves her breakfast, then microwaves a pancake for Gwen.

Sometime around 6:30 Trav comes back in and wakes me gently. We switch positions, him laying next to Gwen, me heading to the bathroom where I shower and get ready. Anytime between 6:40 and 7, Gwen wakes and Trav takes her into the nursery to change her diaper and dress her. They pop into the bathroom while I'm in the shower to brush her teeth and hair. I love listening to them interact!

I get out of the shower, and head to the bedroom to get dressed. I'm downstairs by 10 after, where a baby pelts herself at me. I scoop her up and give her hugs and kisses. While Trav grabs her milk, lunch, and snacks out of the fridge (plus anything he wants for lunch/snacks), I get Gwen's shoes on and a hoodie if she needs it. We wait for daddy and play a few more minutes, unless its Tuesday or Friday, in which case we dash to the front porch as soon as we hear the trash trunk coming.... we love the trash truck!! The guys who drive it are wonderful, they wave and smile at Gwen, and give Daisy a biscuit. After they pass (bye-bye tuck, bye-bye tuck!), we head to Trav's car while Daisy lays down and waits on the front porch.

I kiss Trav goodbye and he gets in the front while I give Gwen hugs and kisses, then try to wrangle her into her carseat. I wish them both a good day, then wave and blow kisses as they drive off. I head back to the front porch, where I tell Daisy "okay" (her release word), then ask her if she wants to race? She tears pass me to the backyard (I don't ever win!) and goes the the bathroom.

Back inside I grab breakfast (most days: greek yogurt with fruit or eggs with cheese), and eat while watching the Weather Channel. After that I run back upstairs to close all the windows, use the bathroom one last time, and then head downstairs to gather anything I need for lunch, plus my cooler bag and bottles. Daisy goes out one last time, gets a treat, then I'm grabbing my bag and out the door by 8am.

My train comes at 8:14, and I'm on my way into the city. I read and relax on the train, then walk the couple blocks from the station to work. I drop all my stuff off, fire up my computer, then run back down to the star.bucks to grab a Hot Chocolate. I'm normally back upstairs by 8:45 where I get settled in, check my emails, and read a few of my favorite blogs. Then it work time! Reply to emails, edit and format documents, take care of projects for my boss (with mini-breaks to read more blogs or check my favorite chatboard, as needed to stay sane!) until about noon. I grab lunch and chow at my desk, where normally one of my coworkers joins me. I also check more emails, and work on blog posts. At 12:50ish my coworker heads back to her office, and I shut my door to pump while doing more work (yay for hands-free pumping!). After that its more of the same, sometimes with a mid-afternoon walk around the block to wake up, until about 4:40 when I start trying to wrap things up and straighten my desk. At 4:50 I'm walking out the door to head for the train.

My train arrives at 5:05, more reading, and I'm home and letting the puppy out to pee by 5:40. After that I check the mail, put away Gwen's milk, change clothes, and start pulling stuff out for dinner. Trav and the babe arrive home around 5:55 - 6ish, and Gwen squeals, "Mooommmyyy!!" the whole way from the front door to the kitchen. ::love::  I scoop her up and cook the rest of dinner with one hand. We sit down between 6 and 6:20, and eat a relaxed dinner. If she's getting leftovers for lunch the next day, sometimes we pack them while we're eating. After that we head upstairs where we brush Gwen's teeth, and then head into the computer room to change her diaper, put on her PJs and have some wind-down playtime until about 7:15. Then we all troop into her room and snuggle together on the futon to read her night-night stories (Goodnight Moon - read by Daddy, A Book of Sleep - read by me, and sometimes The Going to Bed Book - which Gwen "reads" to us). Then its big hugs and kisses for Daddy and Daisy, before they head downstairs.

Downstairs Trav lets the dog out (sometimes he takes her for a walk depending on time, energy level, weather), washes some dishes, and packs Gwen some lunch if we didn't already. Sometimes he straightens up, or reads mail. After that he checks his email or watches some TV.

Upstairs its Gwenie and my time. We turn off the lights, turn on her monitor and sound machine, then snuggle together on the futon for her last nursing of the day. Before we start nursing I always tell her I love her, wish her sweet dreams, and ask her if she's going to sleep good for Mama...  LOL. Then I sing her this song while she nurses. When she's done I lay her in her crib where she gathers up her blanket, bear, and bunny (the bunny is new), and rub her back for a minute. Sometimes she asks for a few more snuggles, sometimes she settles right in. Then I hang out in her room for a little while she falls asleep. I'll pick out her clothes for the next day and lay them on the changing table, and sometimes I lay on the floor thinking about what I need to do for anything upcoming or just relax in the dark. I'm normally out of her room by around 8, and head to the computer room to check my email, and maybe work on a blog post for a little.

I head downstairs between 8:30 and 9, grab a little snack if I'm hungry, pack Gwen's lunch if it hasn't been done, then relax to watch some TV with Trav. Sometimes I do some cleaning. At 10pm, Daisy goes out one last time, then we head upstairs to bed, using the bathroom and checking our emails one last time. We flip on the monitor, climb under the covers, toss Daisy a treat... then its off to sleep, hopefully until 5 or later!


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