if I tweeted

I don't do Twitter... but if I did, here's recent things I would have said:

  • Dear Skin, Get your act together... Thx!

  • Just updated to i OS 5 for my iPhone, love it. But lost all my apps in the process... WTF. Help?!

  • Coworker lost his best friend. So sad for him. Only in his late 20s.

  • Love this:

  • One person thought their pregnancy was over, doing great. Another thought theirs was fine, lost the babe. Life is twisty...

  • Another coworker got me my apps back... YAY. But now I noticed all the reminders are gone from my calendar... grr. 

  • Gwen has been sleeping so well lately! Going down easy, and not waking until 5:30 or later! Yay! ::knocks on wood frantically::

  • Um, this picture... with caption:
    Stop clubbing, baby seals!  (Punctuation makes all the difference)

As an aside, I have off tomorrow to prep for Saturday. So my morning will be washing the kitchen floor, extensively cleaning the bathroom, and putting away laundry; and my afternoon will be baking pumpkin mini-loaf/muffins, roasting pumpkin seeds, slicing and dicing veggies, and prepping the beef stew (plus anything else I can think to do beforehand for the food stuffs). If I can fit it in I'll do more straightening, and if I am really productive and need a break, maybe I'll run out to pick up Daisy's dog bed. I'll definitely take house pictures then... so look for a house tour post next week! Have a great weekend all!

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