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Wow are things are busy this week. I worked from home yesterday instead of Tuesday, but even at the more relaxed pace of home, I wasn't able to break for lunch until almost 2. I didn't go to the store, I didn't clean or sort; though I did manage to put away some dishes, wash some dishes, cook dinner, and grab us some gelato for a special dessert.

Today is also quite busy, but I decided to take 10 to regroup, so first I read THIS (holy crap, I literally did this ridiculous loud laugh at one point... bad enough that I covered my mouth and froze expecting someone to poke their head in my office to see what the hell was going on), and now here I am.

Thank goodness its Friday!

The one nice thing about being so busy with work, is that the days, and the week, speeds by. I certainly don't mind that. I had a down day on Wednesday, just feeling overwhelmed and unsettled. But I treated that with venting to some friends and lots of yummy pumpkin. I've eaten so much pumpkin this week (love the taste of fall!).

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie --  for breakfast, twice!

Organic Snickerdoodle Oatmeal with a scoop of pumpkin mixed in... Mmm.

I'm feeling more positive about life today, wearing my pretty necklace from my husband.

More sleep has been helping too. Gwen has been sleeping really well again lately, going down easily and without me needing to hang out in her room forever, then sleeping straight through most nights; though no teeth have popped through and the gums still look a bit red. No idea on that one, but hey, I'll take the good sleep!!

I also got my new kitchen scraps container... and it is so pretty:

Sorry, that's a little dark... this one's a little better:

The colors are so pretty though, and it looks so much better sitting on our counter then the old plastic one did!

Hopefully this weekend around the many other plans we have in place, we can find the time to hang the rest of the pictures and sort some more junk stuff. We're so close, really! Thank goodness.

Now though, well I really have to get back to work.

But just to end on a cute note... Gwen rocking out her new skirt from her Auntie Babs:

Again, crappy cell phone shot... but its a pretty bitchin' purple skirt.

The End.

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