We had a very colorful weekend.

It started off with a drive down to Maryland to visit with my Uncle and Aunt at their new place. My cousin and her son were over too, and another cousin joined us later.

Grandpa Gray/Gruncle Wray holding Tommy & Gwen

Gwen took to him immediately!

We hung out for a while, ate some lunch, and read some stories.

Then it was time to swim and play on the dock. We completely forgot swim stuff, so Trav and I stayed out and Gwen headed in wearing just a diaper, with my cousin Brendan (who she adored).

They got completely stuck in this tube... it was pretty hilarious.

After that Megan and little Tommy headed home, Travis and Susie ran to the store, while Gwen, Wray, Brendan, and I watched a pretty crazy storm roll in:

The downpour was crazy, and there were even tornado watches going on. Thankfully W&S's place was unscathed. We stayed for dinner, hung out for a little more, before heading down to Virgina (right over the water from DC), to spend the night at our friend's place.

Sunday we were up bright and early to head to National Harbor for the Color Run. I suggest you play this song while you read about the next part (they like to play it during the color throws at the end of every run, and for some reason it just works):

Beforehand in our nice bright whites:

And after 5k up and down hills and being pelted with color!!

It was a great time and Gwen was so excited to "be colorful":

Afterwards we headed to Annapolis, to hit up a place we saw on Man vs. Food (it has a 6lb milk shake!!). We only got the 2lb milkshake (to share), but next time we'll have to bring my brother, and then we'll definitely tackle the 6lb one. It was a beautiful city though, and we turned some heads, that's for sure. 

While certain parts didn't turn out as planned (my brother got sick and couldn't join us), we ended up having a really wonderful weekend.

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