transitioning summer to fall

Officially its not fall until next weekend, but this weekend felt like such a transition. It was so beautiful out on Saturday, high in the mid-70s, perfect for the ultimate fall activity... football! We headed up for our first Lehigh game of the season, where they had some fun blow up things to celebrate community day:

My parents joined us too, which was great. Gwen was in heaven with her Nonnie and Papa.

Lehigh won too, so you can't beat that.

Sunday we took it easy, going out only to pick up a few things at the store. I prep cooked a bunch of things in the afternoon to make for easy dinners this week... roasted some brussels sprouts and an acorn squash, made this inside of a chicken pot pie so all I have to do is throw it in the crust and bake one of these nights. Then we fired up the grill and ate our BBQ chicken and grilled corned outside. It was pretty perfect. A combination of early fall and end of summer that left me feeling so contented.

Today and tomorrow should be very quiet on the work front. Rosh Hashanah means that all of my coworkers are out except for 2 today and 2 tomorrow (L'Shana Tovah all!). Here's looking forward to getting lots done in peace! And here's hoping I can hold on to that weekend contentment through the week!

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