happy things

Sometimes its the little things that put a smile on your face...

~ Getting some cooking mojo yesterday after spending half the day not having any clue what to cook. I ended up whipping up a double batch of potato leek soup (half to freeze), and some amazing chicken sausages with garlic and gruyere (some new to me all natural brand - so damn good). Some steamed green beans, a random peach, and it was a pretty great meal.

~ Gwen and music lately... she loves Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnificent Zeros so much that she calls it her song, and Trav has to listen to it multiple times every day in the morning and at night (on their drive to/from daycare). Obviously I love it too, but I think its so neat that she loves it so much. She will also bust out randomly with "Alabama Arkansas..." (which is how the song starts), or say, "do-do-do do do-doooo" (the way they whistle).

~ Another song she's quite fond of now, Call Me Maybe. We've cracked up to this video more then once, and now she'll randomly sing, "here's my number. call me maybe. here's my number. call me maybe."

~ I won this!

I mean, oh my, what a beauty, right?!  Sakura Bloom is having a trivia contest on their facebook page, multiple questions, each with their own winner... and I won the very first question!!  That beauty is one of their simple silk ring slings, in Patina.

Now I just have to decide what I want to do with it. I could give it to a friend, keep it for myself but giveaway/sell my current ring sling, keep them all for now... its hard to decide. That thing is amazing and gorgeous and I'm dying to wear it. But we don't babywear a ton anymore, and when we do I normally reach for the Mei Tai. Plus we're one and done now, so saving it doesn't make sense (though it makes me sad to think of getting rid of any of my carriers!). Hmm...

~ Anniversary plans - booked! Yay!

~ This amazing post with tons of gorgeous photos of babywearing around the world. Gorgeous.

Wales! (pic from Hybrid Rasta Mom)

What's making you happy today?

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