long weekend

Friday feels like a long time ago. It was a good weekend, with more fun parts then not, but ended on an exhausting note that made everything else seem a long time ago and left us all rather tired.

Friday Trav and I had a date day. We got two movies (Underworld: Awakening and Hysteria), ordered up some sushi, and relaxed together. A few odd things around the house, and then it was off to pick up Gwen a little early. She and I had a great time at the park by Willy's house, while Trav did a few things there... then it was off to pick up his mom from the hospital for dinner.

Such a nice park.

Saturday we just took care of odds and ends before heading to the hospital to visit with Willy. A very low-key day.

Sunday we headed to Ro & Pat's place for a day with them and the girls, plus our friends Barb, George, and their two girls. It was a relaxing, fun day... playground time with the girls, a nice stew that Ro made, a funny movie (What to Expect When you're Expecting). Overall, great.

We were getting ready to leave, hoping to get home a little early for bathtime, laundry duty, and a relaxing dinner when Gwen came over to us crying. She and GG were playing, and her arm got pulled hard (I'm guessing she went one way, GG pulled her arm the other)... long story short, Nursemaid's Elbow. Take two! Ironically, almost exactly a year later.

Happy with her red tongue after the Dr. gave her a popsickle.
We headed home, hoping that we were wrong, but by the time we arrived, knew that it was back to the ER for us. Trav grabbed some food stuff for Gwen, then stayed home to take care of a few things there, while I headed to CHOP. It was a quiet night, so we were out in just over an hour, from check-in to pulling out of the garage.

Thankfully, once its fixed, they are fine. That's the only nice thing about NE. But what a damper on our evening!

So with that excitement behind us, we begin another week!!

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