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Every year I try to find a different way to look back on the year that has passed. I've looked back in facebook statuses and levels of sleep, in special people, in lists of events, even more epic lists (part 1 and part 2), and memes. This year I decided to look back in blog posts. So...

My Top 5 Most Read Posts of the Year:

Why I Walk Around Naked (with almost 900 views!)
As far as I'm concerned, these silly things are all playing a role in one of the most important things I get to teach my daughter... that God made her body beautiful, her soul radiant, and she should always be comfortable in both. This is not an easy lesson, and its not one that can be "taught" just once. Self image and self esteem is something we all struggle with at some point. For every day that I am comfortable with my body, there is a day that I struggle. But I've learned that even though my skin bothers me, and I don't love my thighs, my body is strong and I'm proud of what its done. 

becoming a mama - embracing my birth experience
It is absolutely amazing to me, what women's bodies are able to do. To grow and nourish a life... and then to deliver it into this world. As far as labors go, especially first ones, I really lucked out with a very quick and straight-forward one.

Parental Support for an AP Mama
In the two years since Gwen has been born, my level of respect for what my mom did has only grown. And it makes me feel even luckier when I get to see the two of them interact. My parenting choices aren't everyone's cup of tea, and some of them aren't the popular way of doing things. But I was lucky enough to have grown up with an amazing example of how breastfeeding, nature loving, gentle parenting can work. How many other people can say they have known they've wanted an unmedicated childbirth experience since the age of 7?

The Times Hubbub
Short version: Like the pictures, dislike the inflammatory title. Article okay.

Inter-Generational Memories {Carnival of Natural Parenting}
Now, however, that we are facing the impending holiday's without Willy's Christmas Eve craziness on the menu, well, I'm sad that tradition might be ending. These are memories that I want Gwen to have... warm houses full of talking, laughing, eating, loud craziness! When I think back on my own childhood, I have many wonderful specific memories: my dad reading to me while we waited at the bus stop, my mom and I baking cookies, swimming with my best friend, weeks spent at my grandparent's. But more then that, I have a wonderful plethora of general "feeling" memories, the ones that occur when multiple occasions mash together into one: Christmases full of excitement, warmth, laughter, and Family; my mom's love and acceptance; my dad's devotion.

(And a bonus, because it was next on the list and I really wanted to include it!)
Oddly Normal: A Big Breastfeeding Update 
Others might not understand it, but with all the times that I feel like yelling, "Stop! Slow down! Its all going too fast!" ... breastfeeding gives us our quiet moments together. Moments when we do both stop, slow down, and just enjoy being together in the moment. Gwen comforted, calmed by my closeness, and nourished. Me calmed by the rhythm of her breathing. Breastfeeding is something only I can give Gwen, and that only we share.

Also included in my most read posts were my two big giveaways: Greening my Clean with Ecover {review and giveaway}  and Celebrating 30! {giveaway worthy of a new decade} (and the reviews / intro post that went with); and a guest post An Unlikely Babywearer {guest post}.

As for my favorites, well Why I Walk Around Naked is definitely up there, but I think my most favorite post of 2012 is In The Darkness.
I'm so tired, but when I scoop her up from her crib, her weight is comforting. She's so small, my babe, but so big compared to what she was; head on my shoulder and feet hanging down past my thighs.
Its not one of my most read posts. Its not long or complicated. But its real, and reading it takes me back to those nights as if I am there again.

Thanks for reading along with my life. I appreciate every single click, every comment, and just knowing that you are out there. Thank you.

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  1. I really like this idea of reflecting on your posts for the year!


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