froggy days...

Froggy days lately... or, at least, that's what Gwen likes to call them. But this morning, the sun poked through the fog, as it always does eventually. I think the events of Friday hit way too close to home for so many people. That could be my kid! And its hard to shake that. I'm still getting choked up randomly, but there is so much happiness in life.

Saturday we headed up to my parents, who watched Gwen for us so we could go out to see The Hobbit.

Picture from HERE

Gorgeous and well done! You fall in love with new characters, and with old characters all over again. I love any opportunity to delve into Tolkien's amazing world.

Picture from HERE.
(Wasn't happy to hear about the animal rights issues, but I had already bought our tickets.)

Sunday we headed to Ro and Pat's to exchange Christmas presents and hang out together. The girls played, we all ate good food, and Ro and I baked some coconut thumbprint cookies (holy amazing). Another great day.

Even my Monday was good. We had our work Holiday Party, and this year Trav and Gwen actually came in to eat with us! Tally, Sam, and the baby came to visit too. It was fun watching Gwen warm up to everyone. At then end she ran around with my camera, "cheesing" us all.

My photographer in training!

We walked through Rittenhouse Square before heading to the train, then took it super easy and ordered Chinese food for dinner.

Tonight... yoga, to make up for that Chinese food!  ;-)

And tomorrow, a bright new day.


  1. Just curious if something changed with the blog layout that would be affecting google reader. Usually the posts show up in entirely in my reader, but lately it's just the first few sentences and I have to click to get the rest. xo

    1. I was playing with some blogger settings and may have changed that! I can switch it back if its a PITA, but I do like that it got you "over here" and commenting! :-)



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