sick days and holidays

My 5 days of Christmas became 6, when I got the call yesterday afternoon that Gwen was coming home sick. So today it was me and the babe, hitting up the doctor... then when it turned out to be nothing, and she was feeling better (of course she was, she was at home), also running a few other errands. We were worried it was a UTI, turns out it was just some symptoms of her cold combined with a PH imbalance. Prescription: baking soda baths and lots of yogurt! I love when natural remedies are honestly the best ones for the job! I wish someone would prescribe me baths. And maybe massages...  ;-)

So we ended up stopping at the bank, picking up yogurt, ate some lunch, watched a Elmo Holiday DVD, took our prescription bath, returned some books to the library and picked out new ones, made popsicles, watched the youtube vid of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Going to Take it" (a new favorite of Gwen's!), and made a good dinner. Oh, and we stopped by the pet store because I thought Gwen would enjoy seeing the animals, which she definitely did, but Daisy won out because she ended up with a new puppy bed too. Gwen was down by 7, and I'm hoping that she sleeps a lot better tonight then she did last night.  ::knocks on wood::  It was a full day, so I'll probably be in bed early too!

Speaking of popsicles, Trav got a set a while ago, and while this is the first time she helped me make them... she really loves the homemade ones. I do too, since I make them with only plain greek yogurt, frozen fruit (mangos, strawberries, and raspberries this time), honey, and water. Throw the first two in the magic bullet, add a bit of honey to taste, and some water to thin it out enough to be pourable. So tasty and you can actually feel good about your kid eating them! A serving of fruit, and protein too.

Other random notes. We've been selling some of Trav's old games on Ebay lately. The kid is a bit of a hoarder, but after not playing them for a few years and our basement reaching the point of overflowing, he realized it was time to let go. So he's been sorting through old games and game systems, testing them all and making sure they are in tip-top shape, then selling them off to the highest bidder. Its nice to get a few bucks back, and reclaim a little space! Between that and giving all of Gwen's old clothes to some friends who just had babies, we're starting to be able to see floor in the basement again. Next: a huge box of Gwen's old, but still in great shape, toys. I'm hoping to donate them.

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy my super long holiday weekend, and take a few days with family. I hope you enjoy your holidays, and I'll see you next week!

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  1. Any chance Trav is selling a classic nintendo and games? I was thinking of picking one up for nostalgia.


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