christmas this and a bris that...

I meant to write this Monday... but I had a busy morning, then a killer headache by afternoon. It lasted me through the evening, put me to bed early, and woke me to take Tylenol at 2 in the morning. Thankfully by wake up call on Tuesday (which came a little later then normal, as Gwen slept in - Hallelujah!), I was feeling better again. But then I had already wanted to participate in Just Write, so I put it off again. But now I can catch up, and tell you about our weekend.

Though I missed all my normal weekend events (monthly Ridley Creek clean up, and the Quaker meeting), this was a very full, fulfilling weekend.

Saturday Ro hosted a cookie exchange. I made Chocolate - Peppermint Marshmallow Sandwiches. Recipe:

They are yummy. I ended up with lots of yummy cookies, and had a great time seeing some ladies I haven't seen in a while. 

Sunday was baby Edden's Bris. I'd never been to one, and it was neat to attend. The circumcision itself is difficult... anything that makes a brand new baby cry is hard to hear, and I couldn't look at poor Tally's face. However, the rest of the ceremony was beautiful, and it was a treat to be there to help welcome him to this life and his faith.

Mama and baby are doing well, and it is wonderful to see Tally as a Mother. It is a role that fits her well.

We spent the rest of Sunday setting up our tree and putting out the Christmas decorations. This is the first year that Gwen is really getting Christmas, and her excitement is a lot of fun. I'm enjoying weaving the whole thing together for her, explaining that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus's birthday, and telling her about St. Nicolas who gave presents to the orphans to celebrate, and who we now call Santa Claus, who gives presents to all the children. We already have plans to sort through her toys and find things she doesn't play with anymore to donate to kids who don't have toys. She really is such a great kid.

Monday... well, Monday started off rather poorly. Henry, my hermit crab, died during the night. It sounds silly to be sad about it, he was only a hermit crab after all, not cuddly or particularly involved in our daily lives. Plus, as far as hermit crabs go, he was old! But, I am sad. I'd had Henry for 8.5 years! I'm not looking forward to when Gwen comes in looking for him, and I have to explain that he's gone.  :-( 

Now its Wednesday and I'm working from home today this week. Off to get some work done before I hang Christmas lights at lunch, and head to yoga after work.

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