getting hot

This weekend ended up being busier then I thought, but it was fun. Friday night Trav brought me some rice crispy treat sushi that a coworker had made. That has nothing to do with anything else, but dang was it cute and yummy.  :-)

Saturday Trav and Gwen headed to Home Depot for their monthly building workshop, while I slept in a bit. When they got home we headed across the bridge to hit up the Pop Shop (love that place!) where we ate too much food. We walked around the unfortunately ending farmers market, then checked out a new shop on the main street there to walk some of the food off. After that it was back home for some chores, and I headed out not too long afterwards to hit up Wanderlust Yoga in the City.

I love the Wanderlust festival. I did it last year too. Its a great opportunity to try out a class with new to you teachers, and enjoy some yoga camaraderie. I invited some yoga friends this year, so that I didn't have to do it all alone again... though they headed out after one class and I stayed for another. I think two classes may have been a bit too much this year. It was HOT and the sun was strong, and even though I had a big bottle of water next to me and drank the whole thing, I think I still ended up a little dehydrated. I had a raging headache that evening, straight until morning.

I did have a great time though, and Trav let me sleep in again on Sunday, which felt amazing. When I got up, Gwen ran to the store with me to pick up a few items. She was the sweetest! So helpful and calm. It was such a nice trip! We headed home and got ready for tennis. Trav taught while I kept an eye on Gwen and the neighbor's granddaughters. It was another hot one!

I've been enjoying the 70s and even lower 80s that we've been having for the past month and a half or so, and I know that I was so eager for the warmer weather after the heinous winter we had... but I will admit, I just don't handle high 80s and up temps too well. I'm not looking forward to the onslaught of warmer weather that is upon us. Oh well.

How was your weekend?

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