home in June

June has arrived, and thankfully with it, some empty, lounge at home weekends! I'm so looking forward to those! In general, but also specifically after last week. Wednesday I drove up to Boston and Friday I drove home. It was too much, I think.

In between, I visited with a girlfriend for coffee (Wednesday night).

Then spent the night at my brother's apartment, where he and Elise made me Mongolian Beef, served me pie, and then put on some X-files. It was a good evening.

Thursday was the graduation!

We were all very proud of Elise!

It was great to spend more time with her and my brother, as well as getting to meet her parents and sister. We went out for a late, long lunch with everyone to celebrate.

I spent that night with my parents at their b&b rental.

The next morning we were up early and off to brunch, before hitting the road. My drive was long and I hit so much traffic. I was so happy to pull up in front of my house an hour and a half after predicted.

Saturday and Sunday were busy as well. Both days we were over at Ro and Pat's. Saturday for GG's dance recital, and Sunday for Casey's birthday party.

Today I'm ready for a nap, but instead it was back to work, trying to catch up, and tonight, yoga!

Hope your weekends were more relaxing then mine!

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