its good to be home

Its funny how how perfect your own shower feels, your own sheets, your own towels. Even if you like the ones you use while you're away, you'll notice the quirks that are different, and you'll miss your own. I happen to have the best shower head in the entire world, so I'm spoiled, but it is always the shower that gets me most when I'm somewhere else.

I've been enjoying the little comforts of my house this week. May felt so hectic and full, not necessarily in a bad way, just very much; and the fact that it was capped with a trip away from home left me feeling like I'd been away for so much longer then I was. It made June feel like a return! I'm enjoying that feeling.

This morning Gwen woke a little early, so I pulled her into bed with me. It was nice to have some quiet snuggly time with her, and that felt like a return too. My nights out at yoga, my occasional trips away, they are all healthy for us both and some needed me time; but coming back to my girl, feeling her weight in my arms and her laugh in my ear, that brings me back to my center. I miss her when we aren't together, and I find comfort in her proximity.

Tomorrow night is her end of the year "concert" for daycare, and I cannot wait to see her up on stage singing and dancing her little heart out.

Its good to be home.

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