take me out to the ballgame...

The perfect amount of overcast... to keep us from frying!
It was a lovely summer weekend. The weather was nice and we had a good combination of lazy and active.

Friday Trav headed out for a national event being held at his old fraternity, which meant a girl's night for Gwen and I. After she got to sleep, it meant some nice quiet time for me!

Saturday we had not plans, so it was a combination of errands, playing, and lazy movie watching!

Sunday was the baseball game. Nothing says summer to me like Cape Cod or a trip to a baseball game! We headed up to the Lehigh Valley to catch the Iron Pigs (the Phillies Triple A affiliate team) vs. the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Railriders (where my grandparents used to live!) with my mom. The day started out a bit rough (I woke with a headache), but we left early for a leisurely drive up, then hit a dinner for some lunch before the game. It was warm, but the first half of the game had good cloud cover, which was nice.

The second half of the game was hotter, but we cooled down by taking breaks in the shade, and enjoying some ice cream (and ice cream kisses!). We sat on the grass, like last time, which is the best choice since Gwen can entertain herself running up and down the hill. We get to see more game, and she gets to blow off some steam, and the whole day is a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

Especially since there is ice cream.  :-)

Now its time for a short week, thanks to the 4th of July on Friday, and the day off I took on Thursday (my turn with Gwen!). We came up with some pretty fun last minute plans for the 4th weekend, but I'll tell you about them afterwards.

How was your weekend? Any summer fun?

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