birthday interview: 5 years old

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Me: “Hey Gwenie, how old are you now?”

Gwen: Five.

Me: “Who’s your best friend?”

Gwen: Dominic and Jordan and Mason.

Me: “What is your favorite thing to do?”

Gwen: Color.

Me: “What is your favorite color?”

Gwen: Blue.

Me: “Do you have a favorite food?”

Gwen: French fries and popcorn chicken and junk! My favorite junk is lollipops.

Me: “What is your favorite thing to do with mommy and daddy?”

Gwen: Go out to eat. And play in the playground. And even go to the swimming pool.

Me: “What is your favorite toy?”

Gwen: Ninja turtles, but I don't have those.

Me: What's your favorite that you do have?

Gwen: The troll guys.

Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Gwen: I want to be a mommy.

Me: “What makes you happy?”

Gwen: Spending time with you, playing, and watching movies.

Me: “That makes me happy too! And what is something that makes you sad?”

Gwen: When Dominic and Romie are mean to me.

Me: “Do you have a favorite movie?”

Gwen: No.

Me: How about a favorite TV show?”

Gwen: Jake and the Neverland Pirate!

Me: “Do you have a favorite book?”

Gwen: The Harry Potter one that tells us all about the creatures [the Creature Vault].

Me: What do you like to learn about?”

Gwen: Animals, and what they do and stuff.

Me: “What are you excited about for your birthday party next week?”

Gwen:  Getting legos! And I'm trying to plan for everyone to have glowsticks!

Me: “Where’s your favorite place to go when we leave the house?”

Gwen: Wendy's! [the restaurant, oh boy...] And the buffet where I get to pick all my own food, and they had watermelon.

Me: “What are you teachers names?”

Gwen:  Miss Steph, Mr. Brendon, Miss Katie, Miss Danielle, Miss Makayla, Miss Georgie 

Me: “Do you have a favorite treat?”

Gwen:  Cotton-candy lollipops.

Me: “What’s your favorite animal?”

Gwen: Black labs! That's Daisy, our dog.

Me: “Do you have a favorite song?”

Gwen: No.

Me: “What’s your favorite thing to wear?”

Gwen: Everything except dresses.

Me: “What are you looking forward to this year?”

Gwen: Playing Ninja Turtles with Mommy!

Me: “Sounds like fun!”

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