rumbly tummies

My poor girl who has only thrown up twice in her life previously, threw up twice in 4 hours yesterday. So today was a sick day home with Mama. I never want my girl to feel bad, and it cuts me up to not be able to just fix it, but a day of snuggles and movies wasn't the worst. Especially since everything stayed down today, and despite not feeling 100%, she felt better. It was nice not having to stress about a sick day too. No taking off of work, no trying to sneak in work, just being with my girl. I'll soak this up while I can before its back to work on Wednesday.

Thankfully it's the weekend now and she can have two more days to feel back to perfect before her birthday Monday. She'll be home with me then too, though I have some fun things planned... breakfast at the Pop Shop, bouncing at the local bounce place, and then a dinner of her choosing. Should be a great day (fingers crossed/knock on wood!). 

In the meantime, here's hoping for good sleep tonight for everyone and better bellies tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

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