Transformative weekend

I'm in my last full week of leave, and I'm torn between wanting to get just a little more done, and wanting to suck up every last second of not having to do anything. 

This past weekend was full and ... transformative. Friday I headed up to Bethlehem for a tattoo appt, making a stop to exchange snow pants for Trav. The tattoo took almost 4 hours, my longest single sitting to date. 

I'm so in love with it! 

I got home just in time to put Gwen to bed. She loves it too. 😊

Saturday morning Gwen and Trav went to do the monthly kids project at Home Depot, and I headed to the viewing for a friend's grandfather. After that Trav went to work, while Gwen and I headed up to my parents' place, and I got my hair done. 

We hung out there until early evening then headed home. 

Sunday we went to look at 3 houses, but no luck. They were all pretty crappy. We headed home for a late lunch, then a lady came by to pick up my pumped milk (turns out the preemie bank required a minimum of 300 oz which I didn't have since I stopped pumping). I had about 160 oz frozen for her. We have so much room in the freezer now! The rest of the day was low-key, movie watching and snuggling. 

This week? Well, I'm finishing a book (the Goldfinch), and have a massage scheduled for Friday. But at this very moment... SVU marathon!  ;-)

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