return to "normal"

Yesterday was my first day back at work. I was so distracted with Gwen's birthday, and her being sick,* that I hardly thought about my return until the night before. I did decide on my clothes a week or so prior, but otherwise, nothing.

Then Tuesday night it hit me. "I go to work, TOMORROW!" Talk about an eye popping moment.

Thankfully the return itself was fine. We had talked out a new morning routine, which gives everyone a more relaxed time getting ready, and it worked perfectly, getting us all out the door early. That didn't stop my train from being late (or so full that I had to stand the whole ride in, in brand new boots, ouch), and it didn't stop Gwen from getting sick again, but the work day itself went well.

Last night it was still surreal that I would be repeating the whole process today, and then again and again and again indefinitely! Its amazing how quickly we get used to certain things, or get "un-used" to them.

I'm sure by next week this will be old hat again, and it will be surreal that I ever wasn't here. For now though, I am spending my days figuring out what happened in my absence and reacquainting myself with my documents and spreadsheets.

*After recovering on Friday and Saturday from her stomach troubles that developed on Thursday, she felt well on Sunday and Monday (her actual birthday). Monday the two of us went out to breakfast, then walked around a pet store looking at the animals, then to Chuck'E'Cheese (her choice), then home to watch a movie. Trav came home early, picking up Chinese food on the way (again, her choice for dinner!), after which she opened her birthday gift from us and we played with it for a bit before bed. Unfortunately (which she had off for a snow day), she started coming down with a cold, and Wednesday it hit her HARD. We got a call from daycare in the morning, and Trav picked her up and worked from home the rest of the day. His arrival found her sitting miserably holding tissues against her nose and feeling feverish.  :-(  My poor girl. He took today off and is home with her again. Hopefully she will be recovered enough to head back to school tomorrow, and *fingers crossed* be well enough to safely and happily enjoy her birthday party Saturday.

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