Celtic Festival

Normally this time of year, one of our biggest excitements is the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem. We wear our kilts and meet my parents for a day of celebrating our various Celtic heritages. Obviously this year, we weren't making it to Pennsylvania.

Even before we moved one of the very fist things I looked up was a new Celtic Festival. Now it would be hard to beat the Celtic Classic. Its huge! But we gave this new one, the Celtic Harvest Festival in Edgewater, a shot...

There were fairies...

who sprinkled us with pixie dust...

Glitter head!
There was music...

There were also dogs (Irish Wolfhounds, Welsh Corgis, Scotties), a kids zone, clan tents, and reenactments. Not to mention food (no Welsh Cookies, boo; but I did have an amazing Whiskey cake!).

It was much smaller then the Celtic Classic, and no highland games, but it was a fun day with Trav and Gwen, and a friendly group of people.

© Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater

There's an even bigger one coming up in the Spring in Estes Park, which we definitely hope to check out!

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