The Subjectiveness of Time

Reading through a book for doula training recently, I was struck by the most vivid memory. I remember holding my pregnancy week-by-week book, filled with frustration that I would have to start all over again. Twelve weeks seemed like forever. I had already done that time, and only had empty arms and endless fears to show for it. 6 years down the road and the hang up over twelve weeks seems silly, but at the time it really and truly felt like an eternity. 

Time is so subjective. Days can go so slow, the five minutes before an ultrasound can last forever, and yet years can be gone in a blink.

Our recent anniversary just reaffirmed that for me. We were such babies when we got married, but it does not seem like it could have possibly been 9 years ago already. And the fact that we first started dating 15 years ago, well that's just absurd. Yet, when I think of all that has happened in that time, the trips, the changes, the moves, and the babies... well then it doesn't seem so absurd after all.

We've been in Colorado for 2 months now. It feels both far longer, and far shorter then that.
A month until Thanksgiving, two until Christmas. Gwen will be 6 in 3.5 months.

Time makes fools of us all, doesn't it?

Have you been struck recently with the subjectiveness of time?

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  1. I was thinking about this on Halloween before I had a mental breakdown that I'm actually an adult now and I'm just not playing the "adulting" game now. Time goes by so quick and this year alone has gone by faster than others. I miss you!!! We should have lunch via skype one of these days


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