Back in our house in PA, Halloween was a big deal. Its the first of my three favorite holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). We loved putting up tons of decorations, carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, and watching Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

This Halloween as a bit different then normal.

First we just don't have the room to decorate here like we did in our house. Then we quickly realized that not a lot of people were trick-or-treating here in the apartment complex. Then we had a guest over, which changed things as well.

Different, but still a super fun day. Trav hung out with our guest, but Gwen and I headed to a new friend's house who invited us over for trick-or-treating. They had a great neighborhood for it, and it was really nice to make a new friend!

First though, Gwen and Trav dressed up for fun, recreating last year's costume. Our guest wanted to go to the local Harley place, and they were having something for the kids there, so dressing up went over well. 

While they were out, I tortured the dog a little...  <3 br="">

I didn't do a costume this year, but I did dress up for the occasion.

When everyone got home, we relaxed for a bit, then it was time to get ready for Halloween night. Gwen looked amazing!

She had a great time playing with the friend's two kids, and got a huge candy haul! She was a tired girl by the time we got home, but I'm calling the day a win.

I'm definitely looking forward to being back in a house that we can decorate with wild abandon, and hopefully trick-or-treat in our own neighborhood... but it was so wonderful to have friends to fill in those holes in our celebrations.

Happy Halloween all! Let's start the countdown to Thanksgiving!
(Anyone want to come over for dinner?)

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