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We've been here for almost 3 months, and I've been meaning to give you a tour for a while... but I just wasn't satisfied with how the place looked. Finally a few weeks ago there was a push, and things really got put away, straightened up, and more finalized. We got the picture I wanted for the living room, so we could hang everything in there, and finally I was ready to take some pictures.

Follow Gwen up to the second floor and we'll begin...  :-)

(sticking in a page break, since its so picture heavy)

When you first enter, there's a little entryway.

To the left is our kitchen....

There's a fair amount of space, and its open to the living room, which I like. It also has a view of the built-in shelves.

Off to the right of the entryway is the dining room.

The shelves hold some of our favorite books, some pictures, and my Gram's old elephant collection.

I've always wanted one of those salt lamps, and now I finally have one!

The living room is pretty roomy and airy. It's where we spend much of our time. It is chock full of Gwen's toys....

It also has our desk and computer.

You can see the sliding door in the back there, which leads to our little balcony. Its a nice place to relax on warm days, and we love the extra light it lets in.

The opposite wall has our book shelves.

Off of the living room is the hallway... (love the canvas we got of this pic of Gwen and I from the Grand Canyon)

Off of the hallway to the right is Gwen's/the guest bathroom. Our wedding pic also keeps an eye on the hall.

Gwen's bathroom is huge compared to our house bath, and we are so spoiled to have two. It was one adjustment we were happy to make!

Gwen's room is next, a good size to fit her too many toys!

One of my favorite parts in her room is the little reading nook we set up for her in the closet.

She loves taking the phone in there when she's Skyping with my parents, and having them read her a book!

Our bedroom has a slightly odd layout, but we made it work. We, again, love the light the huge windows provide!

Daisy has a little bed between my dresser and side table.

Our Master Bath is there...

And through that is our walk-in closet (loveeeee!).

And that is our place! Our apartment is not huge, and is certainly not a curated place. It will never look like a page from a designers magazine. No place we live in will. But it is comfortable, and homey, and is finally starting to feel like home.

And that is our place! 

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