My Girl

A recent day at the park ended up reminding me of everything I adore about this girl of mine.

It was a beautiful day and the park was busy. That deterred her not a bit, as she ran, played, enjoyed every bit of that park; smiling and laughing with the other kids.

Gah, just look at her!

Then she saw this climbing rock. It was huge, probably 10' tall. 

We told her she could go up, but only if she could do it herself. A boy at the top yelled down that if she got up there, he would help her over the ledge. 

We helped her find her first few foot holes, but she did the work herself. And she made it to the top, where he held out his hand and pulled her over the edge.

Her face says it all... 

Determination, bravery, trust, and beauty - inside and out.

This girl, my heartsong in physical form. There are moments when she drives me crazy, but I am so lucky, so blessed to have this girl as my daughter.

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