just a normal day

Gwen has been back to school for almost three weeks after her first big break. I feel like we're finally back to a good schedule, finding that rhythm and routine. When she was on break, I felt like I could never quite get a handle on things. Like I was just constantly trying to keep her entertained, cramming errands and chores in wherever I could, and the day would suddenly be done with much left to do. You would think without school and homework to fit in, it would feel more relaxed; sometimes it did... but somehow, mostly, I spent a lot of time feeling more rushed.

Now with those few hours in the morning, I can get in some cleaning, some straightening, that is harder to do with her around. Better yet, I can get in some relaxing, some yoga or reading for doula training. When I really need a break, some episodes of X-files. I can shower and get dressed, check some email and plan out errands, without it needing to be a done with half attention, while I listen to a million, "Mom please" requests with one ear.

Even things like needing to get up in the morning at a certain time, doing the morning routine, and getting that 1/2 mile walk in when Gwen and I walk to school (then home for me); well I'm more awake and ready for the rest of my day. I'm bad about getting up by a certain time if I don't have to, and I found myself more tired by the end of the break then I was at the beginning.

By the time I head to pick Gwen up, I'm normally feeling good about getting something done, and I have more energy and patience for her for the rest of the day. We eat lunch, do homework, then play and relax together.

Normal days, doing normal things.
Exactly what I need to try to keep adjusting to this new normal.

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