Fall in Colorado

Its officially fall and has been for almost a month. Though I didn't note it here specifically, it certainly didn't go unnoticed! My favorite time of year is here and I cannot wait to see how it pans out in this new state of ours.

The Aspen leaves here are supposed to be things of legend. 

Gwen and I did get a nice preview of that when we drove through the Rocky's at the beginning of our adventure.


The area right around our apartment is dry by the end of summer. Its dry here, period, but that sun just roasts the grasses. With the change of the season, suddenly those browns don't seem so ugly or out of place. They mingle with the yellows to look like autumn.

We went out hiking, in search of more autumn beauty, the other weekend. Eldorado Canyon State Park is outside of Bolder, and it is lovely!!

Its a different kind of beauty then on the East Coast.

But the woods felt like a piece of home.

And there were a few traces of those red leaves we are used to...

Fall might not look exactly the same out here, but it is lovely and I'm enjoying it completely. Plus when I close my eyes - the breeze, the smell, the feel of autumn - its there.

Show me your autumn pictures, or link to your own autumn posts in the comments. I would love to check them out.


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~ Meegs